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We are a dynamic group of “DreamGetters.” This term is the fusion of two words: “dreamers” and “go-getters.” Our goal is to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and dream big. After you’ve identified what that dream is for you, we will then strategize and use “go-getter” skills to manifest it. 


We provide empowering person-centered-workshops geared toward self reflection and improvement in a supportive community that enable participants to forge new paths toward personal freedom. Participants inspire one another to identify what personal freedom means to them. 

Meet The Team

Millie DePerio

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Millicent Dizon DePerio is the Co-founder and Licensee/Administrator of Birchwood Adult Care Facility, Morningsun Adult Care Facility, and President of Millicent R. Dizon, Inc. Millicent has co-founded and managed facilities that serve developmentally disabled adults for over 14 years. Her passion for serving others coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit have allowed her to become a leader and thrive in the social services sector. Millicent enjoys running sprint intervals, meditation, dancing, listening to a wide genre of music, listening to podcasts, reading, writing, researching, painting, organizing networking events, scrapbooking, and spending time with her husband and two children. 

Lisa Lopez

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Lisa Lopez is a respected health professional serving the Washington Hospital Community in Fremont, California. Lisa is the Founder of Fit Chicks, a fitness and motivational support group for women and girls of all ages and physical capacities. She is also the Founder of John A Ulis Run 2 End T1D Memorial Scholarship Fund. Moreover, Lisa is a passionate and competitive runner, marathoner, and triathlete. She has completed over sixty races in the span of five years. She qualified and competed for Ironman Lake Tahoe and the Boston Marathon. Lisa is a loving wife and mother of two.

Honey Patel

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Honey is a strategy and operations leader experienced in building and leading teams through the entire business lifecycle. She specializes in launching and managing products and services with focus on cross-functional execution. Her experience spans various industries of different size organizations, including, UberCovisintInternet

BrandsSafewayEvolve Discovery, and VSS Monitoring. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Communication and Psychology from Boise State University, which she completely in only two years! Honey also holds Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Golden Gate University. 


Connie Wun

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Connie Wun, Ph. D., is the Co-Founder and Director of Transformative Research: An Institute for Research and Social Transformation — She conducts training on participatory action and community-driven research and research on violence, racial, gender, and sexuality. She is currently an American Association for University Women postdoctoral fellow at Mills College in the Research Justice at the Intersections program. Prior to this, Connie served as the Director of Community-Driven Research for the DataCenter: Research for Justice.

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