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What should I do with my Dream Board?First, Share it #DreamGetters

If you have done the DIY Dream Board exercise, give yourself a pat on the back! You have taken the first step, and a major one towards achieving your dreams.

You have built a dream board… now what?

  1. Stare at it and then share it with the world. I know you do this all the time, take out your camera. Take a picture of your dream board.. Open up your most used social media platform.. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Linkedin… Anything you are comfortable with to let the world know about your dreams. Tag it with #DreamGetters

  2. It’s an iterative process, as you come across things that inspire you, as you change and build upon your dreams, add it to this dream board and make sure to also put a little star when you achieve a dream!

  3. Post it where you can see it every day: next to your bed, where you brush your teeth, in your office cubicle, etc. so the dreams are staring back at you every day and waiting to come to life!

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