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DIY Dream Board

The very first step to building your dreams is to LISTEN to them (identify and know what drives you, what moves you, and yourself), TRUST (yourself, your history and journey, your drive and passion), OWN (your history, your journey, your decisions, instincts, and your dream), and ACT (on your dream, your instinct, your drive).

You can do all of this through the process of making your own Dream Getter DREAM BOARD.

Materials: Paper (either 8 x 11, poster board); Tons of magazines; Scissors; Glue (options: colored construction paper to add for background color, glitter, anything to further personalize your board)


1) Your name! Write it BIG on the top of the page… “I AM _______” (your name, your alias, a title you live by).

2) Words or images that reflect your: History (what brought you here? what are the challenges that made you who you are today? what obstacles and successes made up your past? were you a silly child, a crafty teen, an artistic but confused 20 year old?); Present (who are you today? what are your current characteristics? are you now a successful entrepreneur, mother of 2 children, ambitious artist, disgruntled corporate executive, overworked parent, confused 40 year old?); Future (what do you want to see in your future? what else can you add to your life and legacy? who else can you become? could you also become an even more successful entrepreneur, mother of your first child, an artist who uses different mediums, a divorced parent with a new partner and family? what would you like your professional and personal life to look like?)

We have all had our share of obstacles and lists of accomplishments. What are yours? How do they make you who you are today? Give credit that history, to your journey and who you are today. OWN THEM. Then allow yourself to DREAM + to get those dreams.

3) Inspirational Quotes! We come across quotes on social media, books, articles, etc. all the time. These quotes resonate with us; they inspire us; they make us believe in who we are and who we want to become. Pick a few or a bunch of quotes that stick out to you and add them to your dream board.

4) Inspirational People! There are individuals, muses, idols that we aspire to become. For some, we aspire to become: CEOs, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Writers, Directors, or Generally Bad Asses. These words and titles come from people in our lives, such as friends, family, peers, mentors, community or industry leaders, entertainers, or just everyday people that inspire us. Our dreams are not just about us, they are also about these people! Think about those people in your life, who they are, what relationship you have with them, and what they say to you to guide you, support you, and motivate you. Find images of them in magazines, online, or in your personal albums and post them to your dream board. Let these people motivate and inspire you.

5) Your goals! We all have goals. Whether it’s to finish a degree, learn something new, go that extra mile. What areas do you want to dream and achieve? What are your goals for your career, physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health, your happily single life or family life, your brand, your confidence, your life?

(Think about what you want to achieve, and identify goals using the SMART goals system. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time Bound).

5) More Words! Words that describe who you are, what you do, what you want to be, what you want to become.. adjectives, verbs, nouns.. any words! Think of words that come to mind: Creative, Visionary, Artist, Calm, Content, Confident, Healthy, etc.

6) Write down the words: Listen, Trust, Own, and Act. These are the actions/words that should guide your every day efforts towards getting that dream. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Own yourself. Act on and for yourself!

Be creative. Be bold. Break boundaries. Trust Yourself!

Get it all down on paper. It doesn’t have to be final. You can always go back, create and dream new dreams.

7) Follow our next steps towards implementation - get that dream!

With you,

the DreamGetters Team

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